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Excerpt From my Journal

Blog by: Милан Врглески

Toronto, Canada

September 8, 2020

Excerpt from my daily journal dated Aug. 28, 2007 6:48 a.m.

I decided to relocate to the other side from my usual spot. This is a big ravine where the river used to flow. The river is now dry and there is so much silence here. If you drop a sewing needle you can hear it. These are the hills where I used to play when I was a small boy. To my left is where my friends & I used to build camping grounds (walls using rocks) and like kids, play pretending it’s our own house. Below me was the river where we used to swim and collect/kill frogs for fun. During the winter months the small creeks along the Pandale (up from the river) is where we used to slide on the ice in our wool pants and of course without underwear.

I can hear, as I look over the bare hills, in my mind, the laughter from my friends, see the sheep grazing with their bells around their necks, over the ridot (hill) many sounds & voices from the village. The area was alive.

Imagine 35 years later I am sitting and looking at the same area and not even a cricket sound. For a brief moment I can close my eyes and almost hear the sounds and the echoes of this place. When you think about it, a man left this place to travel around the globe, lived there for over 35 years and he was able to come back to see and to visualize how it used to be. If you ask me that is pretty scary stuff, then again this is the destiny of the man. That man is me and I am very lucky to come back and experience such an adventure.