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Feedback on my book from a friend

Blog by: Милан Врглески

Toronto, Canada

June 20, 2020

Feedback on my book from a friend - she wrote:

Hi Mike

As you know life gets busy but whenever I had some quiet time I enjoyed sitting and reading it through. You have done an amazing job -- what a great accomplishment! You should be very proud of your book, others especially David and Chris and generations to come will be forever thankful that you have recorded your memories and the history of birth place. With each generation, more is lost, never to be retrieved. Well done my friend!

Before I knew you, I didn’t know anything about Macedonia. I found the book and stories of your childhood to be fascinating. You and your family lived a very simple but extremely difficult life. A world away from life here in Canada, it is amazing to see that not much has really changed there after all these years.

I also want to say that you should be very proud of all that you have accomplished in your life and the family you have raised. After reading your book, I have gotten to know my good friend, Milan Vrgleski, so much more and understand why you take such pride in everything you do, why you take such care to produce the finest work no matter what the task, and why you value the special people in your life. You come from a hard working family and culture who knows the value of hard work, where survival depends on it each and every day. Thank you for allowing me to take a peak into your past, it was a great honour!

xo Cathy