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Letter To The Villager

Blog by: Милан Врглески

Toronto, Canada

June 6, 2020

Dearest Villager

Hope this message finds you and your family well

After leaving Selo Beiste with my family in early 70’s I found it very hard to return, emotionally and financially as I was building a new life in a new county, trust me it was not always easy. Then in 2006 I returned to start my journey of rediscovering the village, our family home and the remaining people my birthplace Besiste. I was amazed at the beauty of an unchanged country, historical knowledge and the out pouring of love and affection I openly received, my language skills were renewed in a flash, I now knew how special Besiste was.

I decided, I needed to leave a legacy for my family and future generations. If I didn’t, I felt they would never really know the real me and my unimaginable roots, so far from our city life and technology reality.

I spent two years writing; collecting thoughts, feelings, photos and villagers notes to build a hard cover book entitled “Life In The Village- Childhood Memories”. Completed and successfully self-published in July 2015.

I had 100 hard cover books with full colour printed, sold about 50 to friends and family and gratefully accepted a few additional small donations. I did donate a few books to those that were not able financially to purchase. I will be donating and distributing the remaining books to the Macedonian schools and public libraries, which I’ve been told will gladly accept.

With each sale of book there was a small profit, I want to share equally the complete amount with you and the other 29 remaining villagers that were living in the village at the time of publishing. A list of names was supplied and verified by good and trustworthy friend Neda Ilievska (Velevackova). No exceptions to the provide list will be considered.

Enclosed is your equal share of the divided profits, just a small token from me to you as you and the village hold a genuine place in my heart.

I wish you and your family much Love, Health and Happiness always,

Sincerely Milan Vrgleski and family.