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Hydro Meter

Blog by: Милан Врглески

Toronto, Canada

May 17, 2020

A flip of the switch… let there be light!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy...

During my 2016 trip to Mariovo, I took a tour of our house in the village of Besiste. Upon opening the front door, you enter the main hall which connects to two bedrooms, a kitchen area and the side entrance where we used to keep our livestock . In the hall, there is a large dining table and an area for storing shoes. On the opposite wall close to the ceiling is the distribution center for the electricity which consists of a meter and two round fuses which are embedded in the stone wall.

The meter was eventually replaced with a digital system and the old analog meter was sitting on the table. When I saw the old meter it made me feel nostalgic and I had a flashback to when electricity was first introduced to the village. In the early 1960’s my father was the driving force to co-ordinate the installation of the electricity infrastructure. This included bringing in hydro posts from the nearby village of Manastir. A square, tall building was used as a transformer and in later years it brought electricity to other villages beyond the river of Satoka. The Dome and our house were one of the first ones to have power switched on.

I was so happy to carry the old meter over 6,000 miles back to Canada and am proud to say it is now mounted on a wall in my cottage (permanently reading 8003.0 kwh) as a reminder of days gone by.