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This website is dedicated to everyone who holds a piece of Mariovo in their heart, namely selo Besiste. It is dedicated to everyone who sees the wild flowers and a blue sky, who feels the pure breeze pass across their face, the warm sun kiss their cheek, when they close their eyes, when they dream… It is dedicated to everyone who wants to hold this place in his or her heart forever.

The beautiful village of selo Besiste is located in the region of Mariovo, about 50 km south of the town of Prilep, in the Republic of Macedonia.

I last visited Mariovo in May of 2019. I had the chance to meet with most people in the Mariovski villages, and that was truly fantastic.

The main highlights of the trip definitely included a hike up the mountains, near to the border that divides the Vardar part of Macedonia and the Aegean part of Macedonia, and spending time with Petko S. (the hunter) to show me all the magnificent locations where the villagers from the surrounding villages work their land, hunt and cut lumber. Related photos and video clips will be posted for your viewing pleasure in the near future.

Let us keep the village and memories alive! Please feel free to send your vintage photos and anything you would like to share about the old days. Thank you.

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