The History of Macedonia

  • Last Update :

  • 9/9/2020

Geographical Macedonia, covering a large swathe of land from the source of the River Vardar (Axious in Greek) to its estuary at Solun (Thessaloniki in Greek) has a very rich and varied history which is reflected in the present-day political climate and division of the geographical region Macedonia had its heyday during the build-up of its ancient empire ending with the sudden death of Aleksandar III of Macedon (also known as Alexander the Great), then for a short while again during the reign of the Tsar Samoil.

The region continued to exert influence afterwards through its status as the Bishopric of Bitola and Ohrid. Then as an independent state, Macedonia did not see the light of the day again until the short-lived Krusevo Republic of 1903, and now as the independent (although officially still named ‘former Yugoslav’) Republic of Macedonia.

Today geographical Macedonia is made up of four political entities: Vardar Macedonia which is the Republic of Macedonia; Pirin Macedonia which is in Bulgaria; Aegean Macedonia which is in Greece; and a tiny silver north and south of Debar which is in Albania.



a chronology of key events:

  • Ottoman Rule Europe

    Ottoman rule in Europe ends after five centuries. Macedonia is partitioned between Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. What is now FYROM is incorporated into Serbia.

  • World War I

    World War I. Macedonia is occupied by Bulgaria.

  • End of War

    End of the war, Macedonia becomes part of Serbia again. The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes is founded, and is renamed Yugoslavia in 1929.

  • Germany Invades

    Germany invades Yugoslavia.

  • Establishment of Yugoslavia

    Establishment of Yugoslav socialist federation, comprising six republics, including Macedonia, with Tito as president.

  • Mariovo Divided

    Mariovo was divided into three sub-regions: Bitolsko Mariovo, Prilepsko Mariovo and Tikvesko Mariovo.

  • Depart Besiste

    Depart Selo Besiste for good with my family to a new country Vienna, Austria and then Canada.

  • Death of Tito

    Death of Tito, rise of nationalism among federation’s constituent republics.

  • Vote Independence

    Majority of voters support independence in referendum.

  • UN Membership

    Gains UN membership under the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

  • North Macedonia

    A historic agreement settled a 27-year-long name dispute between two countries, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece. Macedonia (FYROM) renamed to North Macedonia.

  • Joining NATO

    The flag of North Macedonia was raised at NATO Headquarters on Monday (30 March 2020), in a special ceremony to mark the country’s accession to NATO.