Why The Book?

My mother gave birth to me in our humble home which provided only the very basics of life. Now, over forty years later, I am so grateful to have such vivid memories of my childhood and proud to document them for the next generation who have Macedonian roots especially my two son's and grandkids.


My father was well-liked and well-known in Mariovo and the city of Prilep, Macedonia. He had a wealth of knowledge about the history of the region he was often approached by people to answer their questions.


When my father passed away, I realized too late that not only had I lost my father, but I also lost that wealth of information that only my father knew.

I was left with no documents, books, or childhood photos to show my children about my roots and those of their grandfather. This bothered me for quite a long time.

When I am gone, I want my children and their children to learn about their father, grandfather and great-grandfather, where they came from and how they used to live. In the black and white photo (far left) is me with my cousins.

Book Title: LIFE IN THE VILLAGE: Childhood Memories

I was born and lived in Bešište during my childhood years. Leaving the village at 15 years old left me with lots of memories. I hope that my book about my experiences in a new country will be appreciated and of interest to the younger generation who have Macedonian roots

This book is about me: about my humble beginnings in a small village in Macedonia that had no electricity and provided only the very basics of life.

About how I surprised everyone by surviving my 10th birthday; about my childhood memories of growing up and hard work; about my journey to Vienna and getting my first job;

about my journey across the ocean with my parents and only a few possessions in our suitcases.


Self-published in August 2015 this "coffee table" book contains over three hundred high quality digital photos and over forty articles capturing the past, just the way you remember it. It reawakens the memories of your birth place, but it also shows the deterioration, such as the erosion of the rustic and beautiful stone houses with red roofs that give the Mariovo region uniqueness within Macedonia and which will soon disappear as our elderly pass on.


The next book will be about me: about how I settled in a large city and furthered my education; about how, with hard work and perseverance...