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Hey Milan! this whiskey has boja (color)


One morning while I was reading my book at my favourite spot overlooking the village I spotted group of people right across from me (the hill just below the cemetery) under a tree sitting down and talking very loud. Soon after I lost my concentration to continue with my reading so I decided to walk over and join them.


However, first, on the way down the hill I stopped at our house and took a bottle of one of the finest Canadian whisky’s that I had purchased in Toronto together with eight shot glasses. As I was leaving the house my mother asked me where I was taking the special bottle of whisky and the glasses at this time of the day? “Well, mom, look up the hill and you will see a bunch of people. I want to see who they are and to have a special drink on me to celebrate my 2nd visit to our village“. “Oh sine (son) that is a very nice idea but I think your special bottle of whisky is not for them, take this bottle instead, it’s full with homemade whisky“ . “Why, mom? This is the best whisky Canada has to offer and for the amount of money I paid for this bottle you could buy a truckload of peppers here. I am sure they will like it.“ . “Well, son, go and give it a try but I am sure you will be disappointed.


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