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My memories of hard work with the tobacco crop


Back in the olden days when I was growing up many villagers had livestock to produce various products that could be sold on the market (Pazar) in Prilep. Items from sheep included milk, cheese, wool, and meat. Once the product was sold the villager would use the cash to purchase items that could not be produced locally such as salt, sugar and kerosene. Just about everything else the average villager was able to produce locally which enabled them to eat, dress and live a simple village lifestyle. Within the village it was very rare for money to be exchanged to buy goods from another villager. Instead, they would use a bartering system. For example, villager ‘A’ did not have livestock but he needed milk for his family and he grew wheat; villager ‘B’ had livestock and milk and he needed a bag of wheat to make bread. So both villagers would exchange their goods and no cash exchanged hands. This practice went on until the major exodus of people from all the villages in Mariovo prior to 1970.


Another popular cash crop in the village was growing, harvesting and drying tobacco which was sold in Prilep at the government-run tobacco agency. In addition to our large vegetable garden, my mother also managed our tobacco crop from beginning to end. My personal involvement as a small boy with the tobacco crop was significant and I still remember all the hard work that was involved.


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