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The making of bread (start to end) - in the olden days


When women collected the wheat, they collected it with brooms into a pile. Later, with the wooden flat shovels (lopati) they collected the piles together. For this activity, it was best if the wind was blowing, since without the wind the chaff fell to the ground together with the wheat. After that the wheat went through a sieve (resheto). When the wheat was cleaned by sifting, it was taken home on animals backs in woolen bags and placed in an ‘ambar’.


This (ambar) was made out of wood and was usually kept outdoors. For some reason, the local custom was for women to wash their feet and then go into the ambar and press the wheat down with their feet in order to prevent it from spoiling.


The chaff was used as feed for livestock and domestic animals like dogs. From this wheat the people made flour in flourmills. The mills were constructed of stone, along rivers or fast flowing streams, often on two levels. The top level was where they ground the flour. The millstones that ground the flour were turned by the fast flowing water. The wheat was poured between the two millstones as they turned thus grinding the wheat into flour.


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