Welcome To Bešište Mariovo
Let us keep the village and memories alive!

The Koren [roots] of Bešište - Alive Then and So Lonesome Now


Written by: Zdravka L., Bešište - Translated and Edited by: Neda V., Canada




Welcome to the village of Bešište, region of Mariovo, city of Prilep, Macedonia, Balkan, Former Yugoslavia, Europe.


We are going to give you a chance to get to know the village that barely survives at first glance. The village is about 50km distance from Prilep. The road to the village is not all paved so if you want to visit and have your own vehicle you have to drive very carefully. If you don’t have your own vehicle then you can take a taxi or a minivan but with the minivan you have to walk for about half an hour to get to the village. The population is varied between old people and some middle aged single men and women. If you are looking for any young boys or girls you won’t find them there. Most of the people are pensioned off, there are a few that have returned back from the cities including one family from abroad.


Even though the people are old they still have gardens, make their own bread, cook their meals, get the water from the springs and wash their clothes. They do as much as they can. They have a Doctor that visits once a month or less in a clinic that is in need of renovations. The government owned store stopped working. There are a couple of private stores that still function on an informal bases and the local cafe (bife) does not exist anymore.


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