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Watching Uncle Mio, watering his vegetable garden


In Besiste, watering the vegetable gardens is based on a scheduled rotation that everyone has to adhere to. With the long hot summers and lack of rain the water that comes from a few springs (cesma) in the village, is used for drinking and to water their vegetable gardens. I was very surprised to see they used the same method even when I was growing up. The method is very simple and effective. This is accomplished by the water flowing downstream using a man-made trench (brazda) that ran through the village with smaller individual trenches going to each garden. At the bottom, the spring about 100 meters below, the water was blocked with tree branches, mud (kal) and rocks creating a pool (ver) of water. Once the pool is filled up, the villager in line to water his garden will be at the garden before any water is released from the pool.


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