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Fishing at the Satoka River, Childhood Memories...


Our house was located not too far from the school and the Dom (a large public building), both of which were located in what was considered the centre of the village. From our house, it took about 45 minutes on foot to get to the river. This river is called Satoka, and it ran in a north/south direction. From the north, Satoka was fed from the two river, or dvete reki, and it ran south into a larger river known as Crna Reka, or Black River. Satoka was also fed from smaller creeks like Potuk during the spring months. There were many vegetable gardens along the riverbanks. There were also orchard tree farms, water mills, and many different flora, such as the trees eleska and dab, to mention a couple. For Selo Besiste, the river was a vital resource.


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