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Besiste - Tode V. in his old age went from Canada back to his place of birth the village of Besiste to spend his remaining days there. He left for Toronto with his family in the 1970’s, when a lot of people were leaving Mariovo. Back then almost every day another hearth would go cold in the village. "I was born here and want to die here", he’d say. "Here I like every stone and every step of this dear land". His desire to leave the shiny metropolis of Toronto behind in exchange for a nearly abandoned village can only be understood by those who have lived many years in faraway places and want to go back home. His 82 year old wife was not too keen to return to Besiste because her children and grandchildren lived in Toronto. When her husband decided to return, she agreed to go back with him. Their whole life they lived together and didn’t want to separate in their old age. Tode and his wife were sponsored to go to Canada by her father. Her father left during the time of Informbiroto in 1944. He was for a united Macedonia. People like him in those days were thrown in jail. He died last year in Toronto at the age of 101.


When Tode and his wife arrived in Canada their first thought was for their children to continue their education. He worked up to 16 hours a day to allow them to gain an education.


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