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Thirty days in Besiste


During my ten days visit in 2006 I discovered ‘Life in the Village’ remains the same as when I was growing up with the exception of a few improvements such as: electricity in each home with a small fridge, televisions with homemade antennas showing a few snowy channels and an electric stove in a few homes. I was very surprised to see the people in the village without indoor plumbing and outhouses made of scraps of wooden pieces held together by rusty wires and the seat made of a few sticks covered with cardboard. My short visit didn’t give me the opportunity:


  • to fully explore the beautiful region
  • visit and talk to all the people that were still living there
  • visit all the villages in Mariovo with my father
  • experience ‘Life in the Village’ 35 years later
  • spent some quality time with my parents
  • to truly discover my childhood roots as an adult


In the summer of 2007 I went back and lived in the village for 30 days with my parents while they were also vacationing there. My main reason for this trip was to fulfill the activities that I missed during my first visit and to experience ‘Life in the village’ in modern times. Here are some of my personal experiences and moments during my stay (not in any particular order):


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