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Traveling to the magnificent Border Mountains – memories for life


When I was a small boy living in the village I was able to see the Border Mountains from a distance. I had a dream that one day I would be able to explore and walk along the peaks of the majestic mountains that I had heard so much about from the elders in the village, including my own father. Forty years later my dream came true as I really did explore, walk and write this article that fulfills so many of my dreams.


Back in the 1950’s my grandfather "dedo Milan" [is where I got my first name] left the village and travelled towards the Aegean region of Macedonia in order to escape from the Vardar area of Macedonia, Yugoslavia. In 2010 I visited the same passage where my grandfather crossed the border to make his escape. Just above the passage (approx. 500 meters) there is a building where the Yugoslav army used to patrol the border back in the days when Macedonia was a province of communist Yugoslavia. During my visit I saw the building with a collapsed roof and broken stone walls standing to the size of a large one story building.


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