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Welcome To My Site


This website is dedicated to everyone who holds a piece of Mariovo in their heart, namely selo Bešište. It is dedicated to everyone who sees the wild flowers and blue skies, who feels the pure breeze pass across their face, the warm sun kiss their cheek, when they close their eyes, when they dream… It is dedicated to everyone who wants to hold this place in his or her heart forever.


The beautiful village of selo Bešište is located in the region of Mariovo, about 50 km south of the town of Prilep, in the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).



The Primary Reasons


For this website are for my personal satisfaction and also to reach out to everyone who has roots in Macedonia, in particular the region of Mariovo. For the past several years I have been posting articles of some of my childhood memories and experiences when I was growing up in the village of Bešište. To date your feedback on the articles, videos and photos have been very positive and I am truly thankful for your input and feedback.



Thank You Letter


Dearest Friends and Family,

With open heart I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who purchased and showed interest in my self-published book “Life in the Village – Childhood Memories” and those (you know who you are) that graciously donated a little extra money towards my book campaign.

I just returned from a trip to Mariovo on the 8th of November 2016, I timed it just right in order to take part in the festivities of the annual Petkovden in my village; it was a beautiful day and celebration. The other propose of my trip was to personally visit everyone in the village, it was a great pleasure and honour to be able deliver an envelope to each and every household in the village, it was a total of 30 homes. The personally addressed envelope contained a hand written letter which was translated to Cyrillic by my dear friend Neda along with the money realized from the book, I was able to personally round up the number.



I was deeply touched with the endless thank you’s, so many of them with tears in their eyes along with warm hugs and kisses.

Again, I’d like thank you for your support and a special thanks to Neda Ilievska for her hard work on hand addressing and writing out thirty separate letters in Cyrillic.

In the upcoming weeks/months I will be posting my most recent pictures on my website of the people in the village, many who insisted I take their picture. Such warm friendly people.


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