Let us keep the village of Selo Bešište alive!

The beautiful village of selo Bešište is located in the region of Mariovo, about 50 km south of the town of Prilep, in the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Today my Bešište is:

  • Contened, Distant, Embracing, Primitive,

  • Forgotten, Fragmented, Lonely, Pure,

  • Warm, Humming with Nature,

  • Invites one to Return.


Let us keep Mariovo Memories alive!

This website is my attempt at preserving the incredible natural beauty of Selo Besiste and surrounding villages in Mariovo, so that it can be shared with future generations.

A Legend of Mariovo

According to popular legend, the region of Mariovo was named after a beautiful and courageous girl called Marija.

The legend goes on to tell the story of how a powerful Ottoman pasha fell deeply in love with her. So enchanted was he by her immense beauty, he was prepared to gain her love by any means.

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